Remembering April 16th, 5 Years Later

The week of April 16th, 2007 is one Virginia Tech students, parents, faculty and local Blacksburg residents will never forget. While sadness and shock colored our first memories, we will always remember how we first learned of the tragic events that unfolded at West Ambler Johnson and Norris Hall on that morning.

In the past five years, as we at the Koshka Foundation have shared our own personal stories, we have also realized the enormous impact this event has had on the global community outside of us.

This year marks the five year anniversary of the tragedy that claimed thirty-two lives, and it is also an opportunity to reflect on the significance of April 16th, and to gain new insight through the eyes of another.

Thanks to a group of individuals that were kind and willing to share their stories, we’ve compiled a collection of first-hand accounts from that week. Some were physically in Blacksburg, some were not.

As you read and reflect, please feel free to contribute your own (, and join us in the campaign to never forget.