Our Work in the Media:

    Colleges Turning to Armed Police Officers  (CBS News, February 2015)

    VT Survivor Lectures at Quinnipiac University on Importance of Active Shooter Response (Hartford Courant, February 2015)

    Central Texas Educators and Police Workshop on Active Shooters (KXAN, November 2014)

    VT Shooting Survivor Shares Story with Local First Responders (HeraldDemocract, November 2014)

    Virginia Tech Survivor Recounts Ordeal (USA Today, July 2014)

    The Road Home (Dateline NBC, April 2014)

    Getting Out Alive: Surviving a Mass Shooting (Global News Canada, February 2014)

    I Survived (Marie Claire, June 2013)

    In Shift, Police Advise Taking an Active Role to Counter Mass Attacks (New York Times, April 2013)


    Full-Length Video Interviews

    “Active shooter training, in part, wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for people like Kristina. Her story has helped law enforcement improve its tactics”

    Global News Canada investigatives evolving methods of active shooter response, highlighting a survivor’s perspective with the methodology of The Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center (ALERRT).

    Watch the interview, “Getting Out Alive”. 


    Anderson & Granillo

    Virginia Tech shooting survivor Kristina Anderson and Columbine shooting survivor Sam Granillo share their thoughts on recovery and healing for the people of Aurora, Colorado, filmed days in the wake of the theater shooting.

    Watch the full interview.