For Law Enforcement

As law enforcement and first responders continue to advance training and knowledge in keeping our communities safe, The Koshka Foundation works with public safety professionals across the country to add a unique and human component to training programs. Led by our founder Kristina Anderson, who was shot three times during the 2007 tragedy at Virginia Tech, attendees will gain a candid, inside perspective into the survivor’s viewpoint of living through an active shooter situation. 

Takeaways include:

  • How law enforcement and EMS response is perceived from the vantage point of victims during a mass casualty incident
  • Communication tools to help reduce more traumatization and aid recovery
  • The personal recovery process, physically, mentally, and emotionally, following a traumatic event
  • Strategies on educating civilians on active shooter response including the importance of including all levels of an organization in the process

Groups We Partner With:

  • Campus law enforcement
  • Emergency management departments
  • EMS
  • Fire Departments
  • School Resource Officers
  • SWAT Teams

Contact us here to request a presentation for your agency or public safety department.